Colombia: Workshop day in Eastern Antioquia promotes sustainable floriculture

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On May 16th in Rionegro, Antioquia, a workshop focused on the environmental sustainability of floriculture took place, organized by Asocolflores in partnership with Cornare.

This event, aimed at all flower-growing companies, both affiliated and non-affiliated, featured participants including Javier Valencia, the General Director of Cornare; Melissa Alzate, Manager of Regional Fenalco Oriente; and Marcos Ossa, Director of Asocolflores Regional Antioquia. With the theme “Cultivating a Green Future through Sustainable Development,” the workshop focused on promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

During the event, Cornare and the Environmental Management Fund (FOGA) presented a detailed overview of the main regulatory changes in the sector, as well as the services and support they offer to help companies with their sustainability initiatives.

The academic agenda also included the presentation of the Florverde Sustainable Flowers label, the second-oldest certification in the floriculture sector. The presentation highlighted the importance of this international certification, along with the significant opportunities and benefits for companies that adhere to this scheme, promoting quality and sustainability standards.

This event demonstrates Asocolflores’ commitment to promoting sustainable floriculture, reaffirming its higher purpose of encouraging responsible and ecological practices in flower cultivation.

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