Chrysanthemums for summer vibes

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These are the summer trends of 2024

Manfred Hoffman – creative director of the German florists’ association FDF – and floral arranger Oliver Ferchland developed five chrysanthemum styling ideas tailored to the summer trends of 2024.

Summer trend 1: Bright Beauty

The ‘Bright Beauty’ trend is all about nude and powder tones. Soft colors, especially in shades of orange, are used along with accents of pink, apricot, and coral. Dry flowers, grasses, and soft textures of ribbon or textiles are an additional addition. The limited use of greenery and foliage makes chrysanthemums stand out.

Summer trend 2: Soft Shore

In the ‘Soft Shore’ trend, flowers and organic shapes come together as an ode to the artist Henri Matisse. Wood carvings with round shapes are used as a backdrop for the flowers. The familiar Boho style changes to Mobo or modern Boho. Here it is all about asymmetrical shapes, and pastel shades with some color accents. The base is formed by branched liguster branches, combined with fluffy chrysanthemums and complemented by spray chrysanthemums and santinis.

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