China: “Numerous new varieties are making their debut in Shenzhen”

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The 2024 Greater Bay Area (GBA) Flower Exhibition, with the theme “Green and Beauty Bay Area, Poetic and Flourishing Blooms,” is on. The event is held in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province, kicked off on March 23 and will run till April 1. Spanning a total exhibition area exceeding 38,000 square meters (divided into three distinct exhibition areas: Shenzhen Bijiashan Sports Park, Lianhuashan Park, and Xiangmihu Flower Wonderland), this floral event has garnered participation from over 90 domestic and international gardening and floral enterprises, universities, as well as e-commerce platforms. Additionally, several cities within the GBA have also actively contributed to this grand showcase.

PanAmerican Seed, Kieft Seed, Ball FloraPlant, Darwin Perennials, and Star Roses and Plants, all individual breeding companies of Ball Horticulture Company, participated in this large event. Numerous new varieties made their debut in Shenzhen and took part in the evaluation of new outstanding cultivars. “After a meticulous on-site review by experts, we ultimately won four first prizes, one-second prize, and two third prizes at this flower exhibition. The first prize-winning varieties include Delphinium ‘Red Lark,’ Blueberry ‘BurryBux,’ Begonia ‘Hula,’ and Coreopsis ‘Uptick'”, the Ball China team proudly reports.

From left to right: Blueberry ‘BurryBux,’ Begonia ‘Hula,’ and Coreopsis ‘Uptick.’

Centered around the theme of ‘We Color the World,’ their design incorporates a vibrant array of colors and an assortment of flowers to create Ball Garden, a vivid miniature garden. “This enchanting space offers shade trees, comfortable seating for leisurely repose, and a captivating display of blossoms. We meticulously selected various species that thrive in Shenzhen’s climate, including Dianthus ‘Jolt,’ Begonia ‘Hula,’ Dahlia ‘Maxi,’ Coreopsis ‘Uptick,’ various colors of Pentas ‘Lucky Star’ alongside Coleus. Our expertise extends beyond landscape construction; we also provide valuable advice on suitable bedding plants for this area.”

The large chairs, adorned with a vibrant array of colors and flowers, prominently occupy the prime C position within the exhibition area of the flower show. “Observers of all ages pause for photo check-in. The vivid hues not only symbolize our involvement in a diverse industry but also convey a powerful message of unity: ‘We grow together, we stay together.'”

In recent years, the increasing awareness of public health has led to a growing popularity of potted vegetables among consumers, as they offer fresh and nutritious produce for urban residents, the Ball China team says. “This aligns perfectly with the trend of consumer upgrading, resulting in rapid development and significant market expansion in this industry.”

The Mini Kitchen program launched by PanAmerican Seed Company primarily consists of compact potted vegetable plants suitable for indoor desk growing, offering a space-efficient solution for consumers, particularly those residing in urban areas with limited garden space. The objective of the Mini Kitchen is to promote year-round self-cultivation and consumption of vegetables, providing individuals with a sense of accomplishment and the pleasure of savoring fresh produce. Currently encompassing over 10 varieties, including Tomato ‘Siam,’ Cucumber ‘Quick Snack,’ Basil ‘Bonsai,’ and Pepper ‘Fresh Bites,’ this program has garnered widespread acclaim since its introduction into the market. “We even launched a campaign where anyone who followed our social media could take home with our cucumber, tomato, and pepper seeds and seedlings.”

According to the Ball China team, the introduction of Mini Kitchen in the GBA this year signifies a significant milestone for PanAmerican Seed in its endeavor to promote vegetable products within the Chinese market. “The Chinese team at PanAmerican Seed will also employ innovative design, marketing strategies, and distribution channels to better align Mini Kitchen’s vegetable offerings with consumer demands.”

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