China: LumiRay, the new joint venture of Lumiforte and Ruixue Global

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Lumiforte manufactures and sells shading coatings and cleaning products for greenhouse horticulture, sports line marking, and other functional coatings for agriculture and industry. Ruixue Global specializes in designing and building smart greenhouses and sales of flower seedlings, agricultural equipment, and coating products.

From left to right: Dr. R.Q. Huang (President Rui Xue Global) and Guido Janssen (CEO Lumiforte) both sitting, Ms. Zi Ying Huang, Mrs. Xue Ping Huang (both Rui Xue Global), Niels de Groot (CFO Lumiforte) and Barry Zuidgeest (CCO Lumiforte).

From the 1st of May, both companies joined forces in the new company LumiRay Beijing by signing the joint venture shareholder agreement.

The collaboration between Rui Xue Global and Lumiforte goes back for more than 20 years. After working as partners for such a long time the companies agreed last year to join forces and set-up a joined company in Beijing for the production, marketing, and sales of smart coatings in the horticulture, agriculture, line marking, and the industrial sector for customers in the Asian region.

The new company has appointed Mr. Fulco Wijdooge as general manager and Ms. Zi Ying Huang as deputy general manager of LumiRay. Fulco has a experience in both the horticultural and agricultural sector in China Asia.

Zi Ying studied Food Technology at Wageningen University, working in various marketing and project management positions before joining her family company Ruixue Global last year.

“By teaming up, LumiRay will offer smart coating solutions to growers in Asia for sustainable food production. The increasing demand of local food production in relation with climate change shows the need of Lumiforte’s coating technology in China and surrounding countries. With the local expertise of Ruixue in distributing horticultural products in China, the new company is ready to further expand in Asia.”

LumiRay will be present with their booth during Hortiflor Expo May 23-25 in Beijing, China at W1-A050.

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