China: Flexibell Systems and Shandong Agricultural Development Group enhance cooperation

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On March 11, Shandong Agricultural Development Group visited Flexibell Systems in their new office in Tianjin and completed the signing ceremony there.

As a major horticulture player in China, Shandong Agricultural Development Group has operated several greenhouses, mainly for tomatoes. “We have cooperated for a long time and would like to increase the After-sales Service, including greenhouse maintenance, disinfection, cleaning, and other aspects. We have many years of project experience, and we can integrate the resources of the Netherlands to provide the best quality and efficient services for the greenhouse operators and growers,” says Jiayan Cai, CEO of Flexibell Systems.

“Our cooperation has been going on since 2017, and Flexibell is a reliable partner who always gives timely support.” Weijian Zhou is the Deputy General Manager of Shandong Agricultural Development Group. “The shortage of technical personnel is a common problem encountered in China and how to make good use of facilities and equipment is the key. We have been exploring the field of modern agriculture for a long time and have trained a large number of professionals who love agriculture and understand technology. We are also actively uniting domestic and foreign technical forces to improve the level of planting management.”

“The horticulture in China has developed very rapidly for the past few years, and there are more and more greenhouses in operation. We are honored to participate in the horticulture industry and contribute to it. At the same time, we also notice that attention should be paid to the maintenance and repair of greenhouses with the fast development of this industry, which can improve greenhouse efficiency and reduce the risks of greenhouse operations. This is what the Flexibell team has been pursuing. We not only provide products and design technology but also focus on the sustainable development of Chinese horticulture.” says Jiayan Cai.

In future cooperation, the following areas will be enhanced: Greenhouse engineering and planning in the early stage; greenhouse project management, planting consultation, equipment commissioning and installation in the middle stage; and greenhouse after-sales service and maintenance in the late stage.

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