CAST in full swing!

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The California Spring Trials are in full swing! This year, the trials are taking place a little earlier than usual, as Easter falls earlier this year. Inevitably, this means that it took more effort to let the plants flower on time. However, it seems that many succeeded and that the vibes are high. For the breeders, it is the moment of the year where they can show their new, potential and existing varieties.

Individually, with colleagues or clients, or in large organized groups in different settings, growers, brokers, retailers, plant buyers (and more) travel to California to visit the trials along the coastline. It leads to a good flow of visitors with peaks during the day. However, every company has to deal with busy and slow days, depending on the location. Many visitors work their way south or north, so the companies exhibiting at these ends have had a busy start and expect busy final day(s). In turn, the days in between have been very busy for the ones located in the middle of the route.

So what’s on display? Below are some pictures of the companies exhibiting at the Santa Barbara Polo Club in Carpinteria.

Bottom left to right are Terri Kelley, Lorentina McKoy, Kentaro Suka, and Yurie Seko. Top from left are Scott Gilham, T Jay Higgins, and Toshio Matsuyama.

Sun Parasol of Suntory.

Bret Verbeek talks about new Lavenders.

Amanda Flint introduces the new items from PlantHaven.

Eager to see more pictures? Stay tuned!

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