CAN (SK): Cut flower industry starting to blossom

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Megan Ruf has always loved gardening, but this summer she decided to take it one step further and profit from her passion. With a background in business and a course in permaculture, the Regina woman decided mid-pandemic to do some research and open Hatch Flower Farm.

“It’s pretty astounding to see what some focus and dedication and hard work — and a lot of shoveling of dirt — can result in,” Ruf said with a smile.

She now grows an eighth of an acre of specialty cut flowers northeast of the city, near Zehner, Sask., along with patches in her Lakeview neighborhood backyard and alley.

“The advantage to that is they’re fresh,” Ruf said. “I can harvest [the flowers] 24 to 48 hours before giving them to someone, and they’re fragrant — that’s something you lose during transport. They also last longer in a vase.”


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