CAN: Kelowna flower grower selling bouquet subscriptions

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A third-generation family-run farm is offering a subscription service for flowers in Kelowna.

Kathy Wiebe lives on the farm her husband’s grandfather bought in 1949.

Originally an orchard, Weibe and her husband transformed the 13 acres first into a vegetable and walnut farm before Wiebe started her own business selling flowers.

“We did vegetables for 11 years,” Wiebe told “Then COVID hit, and we continued to do vegetables, but my husband’s health and his body kind of got us pulling back from that a bit.”

During lockdown, Wiebe started researching flower growing and realized the farm had all the infrastructure she would need.

“One year, we did both vegetables and flowers, and I started selling a little bit at the farmers’ market,” Wiebe said. “I just researched like what are the 10 easiest flowers to start with and I started with those.”

Now, she has been growing flowers for five years and is in her second year of offering a subscription service.

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