CAN: CFIA plans possible change to plant import restrictions in P.E.I.

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Possible change is in the air for landscaping services and garden centers as spring weather arrives in P.E.I. Following the confirmation of box tree moths in Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has begun to consider adjusting boxwood restrictions in P.E.I.

A common ornamental shrub seen in gardens around the world, boxwood is known for its landscaping versatility and is often seen shaped into ball shrubs and square hedges. Public consultations were held between January 11 and February 10, with consideration that reducing boxwood restrictions brings with it the possibility of box tree moths.

A statement from the CFIA to SaltWire on March 8 confirmed the changes were still being debated. Until the decision is made, restrictions will continue in P.E.I., with purchases of boxwood being closely regulated and restricted.

“Regulated areas are put in place to slow the human-assisted spread of box tree moth. Consequently, it may be difficult for retailers in a province that is not regulated for box tree moth to secure boxwood from a regulated area in the future,” the statement said.


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