California Spring Trials, stay tuned for more pictures!

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This year’s CAST edition is nearing its end. And for some, it is sooner than for others. Some CAST locations will close their doors by the end of today, while others will remain open till tomorrow or even March 24. All in all, most locations stayed open for four days.

On Monday, we will share a photo report of the event and today, we already give you a sneak peek.

The team of Benary & Benary + in Watsonville, where their doors will remain open for visitors (registration needed) till March 23.

Nick Read and Dominik Neisser of Vivero at Santa Barbara Polo Club in Carpinteria. This CAST location remains open till March 22.

Also at Santa Barbara Polo Club, Pacific Plug and Liner.

Darwin Perennials Product Representative Darren Barshaw (left) is holding Summerlong, a new series of Agastache that attracts hummingbirds throughout the summer season. He and Sales Manager Seth Reed (right) are in front of the “Spring Showcase” display, which includes new offerings of Saxifraga, Lavandula, Phlox, and Armeria. Seth is holding Phlox Spring Splash Lilac and Pink, which are great choices for early retail sales. At Ball Horticultural Company in Santa Paula where, they will remain open to visitors till March 23.

Eager to visit the companies and locations? Registration is required.
Eager to see more pictures? Stay tuned!

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