Bridal Season Arrives With the Inspiring Calla Lily as the Main Character

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Calla lilies, with their graceful shape and a vast selection of colors, are a very wedding-like choice for bridal flower arrangements, especially for the bridal bouquet. Nowadays they have become an extremely popular choice for brides as they convey elegance and remain the most classic and chic bridal choice of flower.  As bridal flowers, calla lilies — also known by their botanical name Zantedeschia — can also be incorporated into various aspects of wedding decor, creating a cohesive and stylish look that complements the overall theme.

Calla Lilies – The Perfect Bridal Flowers

Lacking bridal floral inspiration? Simply Calla is here to show you what’s good for weddings and florals that match up to the world’s most beautiful ceremony. There are many ways to use callas at weddings and it is no surprise many brides around the world opt to use this elegant flower as their number one choice for arrangements, bridal bouquets, and overall decoration purposes.


A bright white bridal calla bouquet mixed with pink roses, and gypsophila, among other flowers and foliage for the perfect combination
Photo: @daisymillersfloral


Bridal bouquet made of only white callas

Bridal bouquet made of only white callas


Sophisticated and long arrangement of calla lilies
Floral wedding design by Laura Draghici
Photo: @haas_calla_helleborus


Starting with bridal bouquets, calla lilies stand out for their sleek and simple beauty. A bouquet of white calla lilies expresses purity while featuring elegance like no other, perfect for brides who favor a classic look. The clean lines of the flowers create a modern aesthetic that pairs well with traditional and contemporary wedding dresses. For brides seeking a more personalized touch, calla lilies are available in a range of colors, from deep purples and pinks to soft pastels, allowing them to match any wedding’s color scheme perfectly.


Deep purple calla lily wedding bouquet
An out-of-the-ordinary deep purple calla lily wedding bouquet
Photo: @daisymillersfloral


Light pink calla wedding arrangement
Photo: @kukka.reina


An elegant peachy calla bouquet
Photo: @landaustudio


Remember that as part of the wedding trends for 2024, both neutral and bold colors are all in, making callas a nice choice whether exhibited in bridal bouquets mostly in classic white as well as shades of pink or orange. These versatile flowers can be arranged in a tight cluster for a minimalist look or combined with other flowers and greenery for a more lush and romantic bouquet.


Colorful mixed bridal arrangement
Photo: @bremenflowerjapan


Yellow summery bridal bouquet

Yellow summery bridal bouquet using calla lilies, astilbe, alstroemerias, roses, dancing lady, and eucalyptus

Calla lilies also shine in bridesmaid bouquets, where they can echo the bride’s bouquet while adding a unique twist. Matching the calla lilies to the bridesmaids’ dresses creates a visually appealing effect. Using different shades of calla lilies within the same bouquet can add depth and dimension, making each arrangement a unique work of art.

Whether kept simple with a few stems or mixed with other complementary flowers, they bring an air of sophistication to the bridal party. One thing’s for sure: white calla lilies can never, ever go wrong and they will always be the top choice when it comes to bridal flowers and weddings.


Wedding inspiration calla lily bouquet
Photo: @j.fiori


Bride with a bouquet of long callas
Photo: @shopvioletas


Wedding Centerpieces and Decor Using Callas

Calla lilies are nowadays widely used as inspiration for creating bridal flower centerpieces that elevate wedding table decor. Their sophisticated appearance makes them ideal for a variety of centerpiece designs.


White callas and hydrangeas as wedding decor
Photo: @linzievents

One approach is to emphasize the simplicity of calla lilies by placing single stems in tall, slender glass vases. This minimalist arrangement highlights the natural grace of the flowers, making each lily stand out. For a more dynamic look, you can use vases of varying heights, each holding a single calla lily, creating a visually interesting and elegant display.


Center table decor with white callas
Photo: @casaflor_anacintron


Tables with white calla lilies
Photo: @xquisiteeventsfl

Another beautiful option is to create lush, multi-stem arrangements. Group several calla lilies together in a wide, short vase for a fuller, more abundant look. This can be complemented with greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, to add texture and depth. For a modern twist, mix white calla lilies with a few colored ones, like deep purple or soft pink, to add a subtle pop of color that ties in with the overall wedding theme.


Wedding tables decorated with callas

For wedding tables with a cleaner look, you can opt for this type of decor using white callas


Wedding arrangement with pink toned callas
Photo: @thefloweringyear


Floating arrangements offer a unique and contemporary look. Fill a shallow glass bowl with water and let calla lily heads float on the surface. You can add floating candles around the lilies for a romantic ambiance. This type of arrangement is particularly effective for evening receptions, as the candlelight enhances the delicate beauty of the flowers.

For a dramatic and tall centerpiece, consider placing long-stemmed calla lilies in tall, cylindrical vases. The height adds grandeur to the tables, making a bold statement without overwhelming the space. You can add pebbles or colored water to the vases to match the wedding color scheme.

Floral installation with white callas and roses
Photo: @cherryblossoms.wigan


Now you know that whether used in bouquets or to accentuate any wedding decor, these flowers can be adapted to suit any wedding style, making callas a beloved and popular choice for brides looking to create a memorable and classic celebration.



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