Breeder Vance Hooper honored with the Reginald Cory Memorial Cup

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In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the field of horticulture, renowned Magnolia breeder Vance Hooper was recently awarded the esteemed Reginald Cory Memorial Cup. The award was accepted on his behalf by Peter van Rijssen, co-owner of Plantipp B.V. and representative of many of Vance Hooper’s remarkable varieties, during the RHS Awards Ceremony in 2024.

Vance Cooper with Magnolia Genie.

A testament to talent and commitment
Vance Hooper’s dedication to breeding exceptional Magnolia varieties and his ability to create cultivars that combine beauty, resilience, and unique characteristics have earned him a well-deserved place among the industry’s most respected breeders. The Reginald Cory Memorial Cup serves as a testament to his talent and commitment, and his creations will continue to enhance gardens and bring joy to plant enthusiasts for years to come.

Vance Hooper’s passion for breeding Magnolias and the support of Plantipp and Kiwiflora has led to the introduction of several extraordinary varieties that have captivated the gardening world. Among these notable cultivars are Magnolia ‘Genie’PBR, Magnolia Watermelon (‘MGWAT2011b’PBR), Magnolia Emperor (‘MGEMP2012’PBR), Magnolia Pink Pyramid (‘MGPIN2010’PBR), and Magnolia ‘Cameo’ PBR. Each of these distinctive Magnolia varieties exhibits unique characteristics that make them stand out in the current range of available options.

Peter van Rijssen with the award.

Magnolia varieties by Vance Hooper
Magnolia Genie, one of Vance Hooper’s most celebrated creations, resulted from 15 years of breeding in a line of Magnolia soulangeana and Magnolia liliiflora. A compact tree that produces masses of tulip-shaped flowers. This amazing garden plant boasts healthy foliage and flowers freely over a season of three months. Magnolia Watermelon is cherished for its large, bright pink, semi-double flowers with no less than 15-20 cm diameter. Offering a delightful burst of color to any landscape. Magnolia Emperor stands out with its large and showy flowers and commands attention wherever it is planted.

For gardeners seeking a Magnolia with a more compact form and a profusion of blooms, repeat-flowering Magnolia Pink Pyramid is a perfect choice. Its narrow, pyramidal shape makes it an excellent option for smaller gardens or as an accent tree in larger landscapes. Similarly, the repeat-flowering Magnolia Cameo embodies elegance with its delicate, pale-pink flowers. This variety’s compact size and rounded growth habit make it an excellent choice for gardens with limited space.

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