Brandkamp presents Ibiza

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A new series of pot chrysanthemums from Brandkamp will be on the market starting in the 2024 season. Ibiza is available in four colors: white, yellow, red, and purple, which all grow uniformly.

Clockwise: Ibiza White, Purple, Mix, and Red.

“The production of the popular mix pots is therefore very feasible with Ibiza. The variety has an excellent and well-branched habit with many small flowers that cover the entire pot. And all this with a sensationally short response time of 5.5 weeks, that’s top class,” summarizes Josef Tetiedt, head of the breeding department at Brandkamp.

Another Ibiza Mix.

“This makes it easy to achieve the complete culture from unrooted cutting to finished plant within 9 weeks. The icing on the cake is that the variety produces very uniform cuttings that root very evenly.”

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