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It is no secret that Ecuadorian roses are among the most spectacular ones in the world. With a huge opening of the majestic flower all the way to countless petals, taking care of roses in the correct way will uplift and elevate both their appearance and vaselife. How exactly do you care for roses to show the booming beauty potential they have to offer you? It all starts with proper care products and tips provided by Chrysal x Minchi Roses from Ecuador who will lay out important considerations to keep roses sturdy and purty, showcasing their knockout looks.

Care Tips for Blossoming Roses Featuring Chrysal and Minchi Roses From Ecuador

Minchi Roses from Ecuador recently came together with Chrysal to share their best tips and tricks for rose care. Roses are revered as emblems of elegance and romance. A wide variety of varieties, shades, and different shapes are available for every type of rose enthusiast across the globe, making these flowers even more special. Acknowledging the shared desire to prolong the company and appearance of these flowers, they have come together to pool their knowledge to create an extensive guide destined for growers, florists, and consumers in mind, all of whom love and adore roses.



As roses have become one of the most popular and prominent flower choices around the world, is it of utter importance to know how to take care of them adequately. Minchi’s mission is to bring the beauty and standard of Ecuadorian roses to every corner of the world. As a team, they strive to grow roses of the highest quality, maintaining exceptional standards at every stage, from planting to delivery. Part of the quality process of their roses starts with great attention to caring for them appropriately using Chrysal products. It’s time to take note.


Worker at Minchi Roses cutting roses


Take Note of These Care Steps and General Guide Provided by Ecuadorian Company Minchi Roses

On this occasion, Francisco Vaca, Marketing Director at Minchi Roses participated in a talk where he shared more about the world of roses, why they’re his favorite type of flower, and what Chrysal products they’ve worked with to enhance the magic of Ecuadorian roses grown at Minchi.

Q: First of all, what do you like most about roses? What makes them the most extraordinary flower out there?


“For us, roses are the most iconic flower ever made. Roses are known worldwide as a symbol of love and passion. We see roses as a gift of Mother Nature, allowing every human to share their feelings for one another. Roses coming from my country, from the middle of the world, have a type of magic that is incomparable. For me, roses are the best type of flower you can exhibit in an arrangement, bouquet, or even in your garden, bringing elegance, class, and beauty all along.”


Rose Barista by Minchi roses from Ecuador


Q: What are the best care tips/steps you can give when it comes to roses?


“We have been growing premium Ecuadorian roses since 2005 and in our experience, a crucial tip to reach an outstanding quality in every rose is to see roses as a unique living being, and every single one of them needs special care. To know what your roses needs, you must ask yourself what would happen if you were in the same conditions as your roses, if you are stressed by the hot sun or not, how much water you receive during the day, how clean you look, etc. Therefore treat them taking in consideration these points.”


Ecuadorian roses from Minchi Roses


Q: What do you do and what do you not do to get longer-lasting roses?


“To get long-lasting roses you need to know that it’s crucial to provide good hydration and that the very few moments after you cut a rose are extremely important to reach high hydration levels. The vaselife of a rose is the result of using good organic material and microorganisms in the soil. It is also important to take into account how you make the cuts on the roses. If you do not cut them with a good technique, you will eventually have problems with bubbles in the stems, not allowing water to flow correctly. Additionally, you need to use clean tools to avoid the growth of bacteria.”

Q: What Chrysal products do you use as a post-harvest treatment for roses and what product do you like most to care for roses?


“For hydration, we use Chrysal RBV and Chrysal Everflor STS as they work perfectly for the well-being of our roses. For cleaning the foliage, we love to use Chrysal’s ‘Leafshine’. In the case of botrytis, we usually use products such as ‘Batine’, ‘Viva’, ‘Videnti’, and ‘Dip & Wash’ all by Chrysal.”


Chrysal solutions for Ecuador Roses
Chrysal’s solutions ‘RVB’ and ‘Professional 2’ for rose growers and florists


Q: Why are Chrysal products necessary for appropriate care?


“For me, these types of products are great when it comes to an extra push in the ambiance of caring for flowers, specifically roses, of course, They guarantee excellent vase life, durability, and beautiful flourishing of roses.”

Now continuing with more care handles, if you’re a grower, florist, or general consumer, you’ll want to pay close attention.

Essential Care Information for Growers

It’s compelling to start with what is referred to as a ‘bent neck’ in a rose to properly explain rose care. This occurs when the bud bends because the stem directly beneath it is weak enough to sustain the developing flower. No worries though, for every problem, there’s indeed a solution. This issue in roses can be avoided by the grower by using an effective post-harvest treatment such as the Chrysal RVB.

This product helps take better care of roses by preventing early aging and bent necks and encouraging water intake and flower development. Additionally, roses must be trimmed at a specific stage because premature pruning increases the likelihood of bending, while delayed pruning increases the risk of damage.

Must-Know Care Handles for Florists

The best rose treatment in store involves using a Chrysal Professional 2 solution. This keeps the roses in good condition, preserves their color, and keeps the flowers from opening up too much. Your roses will last much longer, and you will have far less waste. On the other side, Professional 3 is suitable for floral arrangements and vases because it contains essential nutrients for your flowers to bloom while also keeping them fresh for up to 60% longer.


Design using roses by Syl Meijer
Colorful but delicate design using pink garden roses by Sylvia Meijer


Leave the thorns in place to prolong the blooms’ best appearance. Eliminating thorns causes damage to the stem, increasing the rose’s susceptibility to pollutants. To reduce damage, proceed cautiously if you must remove the thorns.

Tips for Consumers

For customers to keep their roses looking as beautiful as possible, proper maintenance becomes essential. To ensure the best possible water absorption, the first step in the care procedure is to carefully trim a small portion of the stem—between two and five centimeters—off. Using a sharp knife or secateurs is crucial because a clean cut reduces the possibility of bacterial contamination and enhances the general well-being and durability of the flowers.


This Is How You and Your Customers Will Enjoy Your Roses Optimally - Chrysal
Use Chrysal’s Supreme Rosa flower food to obtain the best results


The role of Chrysal Supreme Rosa flower food cannot be overstated while maintaining your roses. With the help of this specialty flower food, the vase water is enriched with vital nutrients that feed and brighten the roses. Concurrently, customers are recommended to remove the lower leaves to preserve the integrity of the vase environment by avoiding their immersion in water and consequent bacterial growth.

Roses should be placed carefully to avoid drafts, ripening fruit, and direct sunlight to preserve their beauty even more. Customers are encouraged to actively participate in the preservation process by adding more water and specialized flower food to the vase when it reaches about one-third of its capacity, as the water level in the vase naturally decreases. This conscientious routine ensures their grace long after they have found a place in the home.

If you’re planning to buy roses in the next weeks to decorate your home, you know what to do to make them stand out even more.


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