Black Roses – Do They Exist Naturally?

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Black roses are among the world’s most beautiful blooms given their very deep and meaningful color. Since black has long been linked with death, negativity, melancholy, and mourning, it seems amazing that a living plant can produce blossoms in such a dark hue and turn the meaning around to be where life comes together with death.

Black Roses – Everything You Need to Know About Their Existence

It is precisely this mystery that turns black roses into highly popular flowers. But, the real question comes to be: do they really exist in nature or are they the work of human beings? The answer leans completely towards the side of the work of human beings, meaning black roses are actually tinted, not natural.


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Natural black roses do not exist as a matter of fact, but tinted black roses will be your best alternative if what you want is to have a sense of uniqueness when surrounded by black roses.

Tinted Black Roses

With the unfortunate news that black roses cannot be found naturally, the good thing is that the flower industry always has something else prepared, in this case, black-tinted roses. Have you noticed that dyed blooms are all over the place and have become one of the most attractive and popular options when it comes to buying roses? Black roses are actually gorgeous white roses that have been dyed to appear black and velvety. They can give a touch of extra romance and elegance to any occasion, giving things a dark yet feminine tone! Another possibility is to put the flowers in black wax, as seen on the picture below.


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Preserved Black Roses

Preserved or ‘stabilized’ roses are roses that are preserved thanks to a special glycerin process. The glycerine replaces the water molecules, so the roses can no longer dry out. What’s unique about these preserved roses is that they not only look fresh but also feel fresh. In this way, the roses retain their real charm, but the lifespan is extended by several months or – depending on the circumstances – even years.


Preserved Black Roses
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Black roses are ideal for someone who isn’t too concerned with the traditional romantic gesture of red roses and look wonderful when combined with lovely dry flowers too. Although they are dark, they do give a mystical and mysterious look to everything, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Black Roses Meaning

The black rose can symbolize many different life events, and the context of how the black rose is used shows what the person intended to communicate.


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The black rose can be used as a symbol of death and mourning. This concept came from the tarot cards-the death card. There is a white rose on the death card, which represents new beginnings after death to see the positivity of a tragic situation and hope for a new life. In contrast, black roses signify no return to the previous and living life without hope for life and happiness afterward.

New Beginnings With Black Roses

Leaving the sad parts of the significance of black roses out, they are also viewed as a symbol of new beginnings, representing rebirth positively. Therefore, it can be used as a gift for someone starting a new chapter in their life or used in literature to foreshadow a change for a character.


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Color Manipulation

Scientifically, black pigmentation in plants is extremely rare, if not impossible. In fact, this only exists in horticultural plant cultivars. You can see some naturally black flowers and plants in this article: ‘The 15 Best Black Flowers’. Black roses can only be produced by subjecting certain rose plants to breeding programs and propagation techniques but this does not even guarantee a perfectly-colored black rose. Another method that can be employed is applying a black dye to the rose flowers or plants.


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Photo of the Black Baccara rose: Wiki Commons


There’s one Natural ‘Black’ Rose, the Black Baccara

There’s one rose, that is closest to black. Introduced in 2000, The Rose Black Baccara is truly unique and still in production as a cut flower by some growers. And available as a shrub for your garden. Rose Black Baccara is a hybrid tea rose that resulted from crossing Rose Celica and Rose Fuego Negro. It has velvety dark red flowers, the closest to black rose flowers can get. The inner side of the flower’s petals is red due to the pigment, pelargonidin, and the outer petals are dark because of the blue pigment, cyanine. You can find more info on the website of the rose breeder Meilland.


Black roses: Black Baccara


Black Roses

Black roses are not in high demand in the floriculture industry. Strange, because they can serve as statements in floral bouquets and arrangements, both for weddings and the most recent spooky celebration, Halloween. 


Black Baccara rose featured on Thursd
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What is your next rose color addition going to be? We suggest going all black. Striking, making quite an appearance, and seemingly spectacular.

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