Belgium: Intra Multi-Des GA disinfectant’s approval expanded

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In the Netherlands, this expansion is not yet approved:

The disinfectant Intra Multi-Des GA is used to fight harmful micro-organisms. It’s permitted to be used to kill bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. As of now, the approval has been expanded for use in Belgium.

Now, the product is permitted to be used for the general disinfection of surfaces in empty greenhouses, mushroom farms, and warehouses.

Moreover, it’s allowed to use the product for disinfecting the surface of equipment that is used for the transportation and processing of flower bulbs, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Examples include concrete floors, cultivation tables, irrigation mats, plant containers, seedling trays, cultivation boxes, anti-root fabrics, and hand tools.

For optimal disinfection, the product must come in contact with the present pathogens.
In addition to its active disinfection ingredients, Intra Multi-Des GA contains a large proportion of spreaders. This allows it to get through cracks and crevices, thereby enhancing its disinfecting power.

The expansion of authorization is pending approval in the Netherlands.

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