Baton Rouge Showhouse: Laundry Room and Adjoining Hall

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Laundry Room and Adjoining Hall


“My starting point came from the tile treatment Jewel Centanni of Ivy Residential Concepts designed. The stripes run from one end of the room across the ceiling to the other side, and the rosy colors make the room glow no matter the time of day.”


“We visited the Liberty showroom while in London, and I became enchanted with the company’s history and designs. I went back to their roots and chose one of their iconic florals for the shade. I used two solids in the blush tones from the tile work for the valance and the skirt that conceals storage under the counter.”


“I styled the laundry as a cutting room, envisioning the sink filled with loads of flowers from the garden. Every house needs a spot where you can really get creative with the textures, colors, and shapes of whatever is in season. And what better time to pull together a few arrangements than while you’re waiting for the clothes to dry?”


“In the small hall outside the laundry room, one of Liberty’s new papers covers the wall. It features all kinds of birds and flowers. Every time I pass through, I notice something different.”

Make Life Joyful

“Pretty surfaces and materials elevate a workhorse room like the laundry and help make going about life’s daily tasks a joy.”

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