Author Lotte Alders-Vis presents her second children’s book about Tilly Tulip, the tulip girl

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A new book about Tilly Tulp, the tulip girl, has just been released. Author Lotte Alders-Vis was born in Anna Paulowna and spent much of her youth working with tulips. Although she once vowed never to work with tulips again, her creativity brought these flowers back into her life. She continued to develop the Tilly Tulp character while also being occupied with her family and career (she’s a medical laboratory advisor).

The newly launched Tilly Tulp book does not contain words so that young children can ‘read’ it themselves. Moreover, it encourages a love for books and is understandable for all nationalities.

In Book 2, Tilly is very happy with her beautiful house and garden, but she feels that something is missing. She decides to explore the world to search for friends. She loses some of her friends, but others become very special to her. For example, Teddy is a very special bulb that grows into a magnificent black tulip.

Tilly teaches Teddy to be a real tulip. Ultimately, he grows into a beautiful, blooming tulp who stands on its own feet.

The Teddy Tulp plush toy is expected to be available soon. Perhaps there will be even a mascot so that everyone can meet Tilly & Teddy in real life.

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