Australia: Wax flower season launches for Helix

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Early June sees the commencement of the southern hemisphere waxflower season with key production zones South Africa, Australia, and Peru.

Helix Australia detailed the early season varieties and projections for the 2024 season from their licensed grower networks in South Africa and Australia

“Our first flowering variety is Morning Delight in mid – June and this is followed by the stunning white waxflower Dawn Pearl which will flower until late July…” said Adrian Parsons, Helix Australia Managing Director.

“Early season demand for waxflower is very strong and only starts to ease in August when the European holidays commence and the warm weather is in full swing….” Said Parsons.

Parsons continued, “Ruby’s Delight and Sarah’s Delight also start harvest in July which compliments the white hybrids very nicely…”

Helix Australia continues its long-standing breeding relationship with Kings Park & Botanic Garden( KPBGA) and this program continues to deliver an exciting pipeline of stunning Waxflower hybrids for the world’s florists and bouquet makers.

“Our South African licensed growers continue to select and make commercial plantings of up to 5 new hybrids per year and their selections are typically based on either an outstanding new color/large bloom size or a very specific flower harvest timing which fills a gap in their current range…”

Creating new names for the constant stream of new hybrids is a challenging task and new Waxflower names selected recently include Rhiannon, Leliani, Marlene, Lorraine, and Choir Girl. These new hybrids will soon be available via the flower auctions in The Netherlands”

In addition to the outstanding new waxflower hybrids developed for the cut flower industry, the KPBGA breeding program is also delivering outstanding compact hybrids suitable for landscape application with new hybrids including Tiny Dancer, Kalbarri, Local Hero, Megan, and Sorbetto.

Helix Australia recently exhibited at Landscape Victoria’s annual trade show The Landscape Show which created awareness and exposure for Helix Australia’s compact, landscape-tailored range of hybrids.

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