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Any plans ringing the bell for the second quarter of the year? If you don’t have any in mind yet, it’s possible that Expo Flor Ecuador could become your favorite event to attend this year, especially if you’re part of the flower industry. With the anticipation of their newest edition, this event is highly sought after and visited by hundreds of people worldwide. If you missed the last article with general information about the event, no worries, you’ll get a full refresher about why you should attend this year.

A Bouquet of Opportunities Awaits You at Expo Flor

Expo Flor, which takes place from October 8–10, 2024, is the most significant event for Ecuador’s floriculture sector and even the largest business fair in the nation (across all industries). As you may already know, some of the most high-quality roses originate from this stunning country, located in the middle of the world. Ecuador is one of the biggest and most significant flower-producing nations in the world and during the fair, you’ll be able to understand the why and how behind this passionate industry.



Expo Flor is very pleased to present the biggest flower fair’s edition while welcoming everyone to see and get a dose of what this country has to offer both business and culturally. Are you ready to pack your bags? While you start planning your trip to the Equator, check out what visitors, including prominent figures in the country such as the mayor of Quito, former Vice-Ministers, and the President of Expo Flor among other attendees had to say about the event in 2022.


President of Expo Flor Alejandro Martinez


Kolster BV at Expo Flor


The Positive Impact of Expo Flor Ecuador

In 2018 and 2022, the whole team behind the event shared unforgettable experiences with colleagues and friends, and now, as this year’s Expo Flor rapidly approaches, everyone is very excited to reconnect and forge new connections. This said, back in 2022 attendees and visitors were very satisfied with what they lived and experienced during those days.


Tessa stand at Expo Flor


Making of flower stands at Expo Flor fair


Starting with Expo Flor’s President, Alejandro Martinez, he expressed his joy and beyond happiness to have everyone together again, after the pandemic brought down many businesses and events. He said:

“What a fantastic feeling to be here with all of you inaugurating Expo Flor once again. It’s amazing to see everyone’s faces, ready to live an enriching experience.”


Important figures attending Expo Flor Ecuador
From left to right: Alejandro Martínez – Executive President of Expoflores, Daniel Legarda – Former Minister of Production, Guillermo Bustamante – Former President of the Board of Directors of Expoflores / General Manager Sacha Rose, Gustavo Manrique – Former Minister of the Environment of Ecuador, and Santiago Guarderas – Former Metropolitan Mayor of Quito


The Mayor of Quito back in 2022, Santiago Guarderas also expressed his excitement:

“Quito has an additional reputation beyond its title as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It is also known as the city of the most beautiful roses and other varieties of flowers.”


Ecuadorian roses at Expo Flor
Beautiful Ecuadorian roses on display at Expo Flor 2022


Expo Flor Ecuador is the meeting point for producers of the finest sustainable flowers and entrepreneurs who value the outstanding quality and unique beauty of Ecuadorian flowers. Hands are already in action to get everything ready to see you again this October at the Metropolitan Convention Center in Quito, where over 110 exhibitors will showcase the best in floriculture, promising an exhibition larger, brighter, and bolder than ever before.


Stand decorated with flowers at Expo Flor


Expo Flor filled with flower stands


On the other hand, exhibitors have always had a great experience in October when this event was held. Rodrigo Leiva, from Esmeralda Farms, shared his input on what the 2022 edition was like for him:

“We have a long history with Expo Flor but this year has been extraordinary with visits and attendees worldwide. Since we focus on global mass markets, it has truly been a worthy and spectacular opportunity for us.”


Exhibitor stands decorated with colorful flowers


It is a great opportunity to network and make connections personally and professionally and gives space to explore and see emerging, trending, and new flower varieties in the markets. Diana from Holland’s VanVliet Group expressed how much she enjoyed the last edition of the fair by saying:

“There are many new varieties and new flower trends, and everyone was excited to be there. After COVID, this is the first time we meet again, and we can all share the joy for the most beautiful industry.”

Lastly, Juan Jose Albuja of Flodecol Ecuador mentioned more about his experience as an exhibitor and why you should attend this year’s fair:

“Expo Flor Ecuador for me is one of the best fairs in the world when it comes to the flower industry because the quality of the stands, the flowers, and the visitors we have are remarkable to make this event what it is.”


Flores del Campo stand
Visitors can get a glance at beautiful stands decorated with the best roses and flowers from Ecuador


Attending this year must be on your checklist already. Make sure to visit Expo Flor Ecuador to register and know every detail for your visit.


Photos courtesy of Expo Flor

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