An Ode to the Amazing Clematis From Marginpar

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Eyes lost in the immensity of my thoughts
On your back with your arms outstretched
Gazing in wonder

Delicacy, suppleness, and beauty
Nothing comes to bother me
Only a delicate and temperate breath
Comes punctuated the love that I can their data

There are moments of purity in this world
including these colorful stars
Are the purest identity

Iconic Flowers’ Petals as Delicate as Silk Drapery

Stars almost chimera-like, with delicate nuances. Stars whose suppleness recalls the delicate movements of a dancer on the boards of a roofless theater whose only limit is the celestial vault.


Marginpar’s clematis flowers alongside Craspedia Paintball™ Pop in a bouquet.


The scattered spectators are discreet beings with eyes moistened with emotion, not by delicate weather.

Myriads of shapes and colors inviting us to contemplation.

Simple and complex at the same time, Mother Nature has taken to sewing.

As delicate as silk drapery, the petals of this iconic flower were once reserved for gardeners, but in the expert hands of producers, it has managed to break free from these conditions to conquer the most prestigious places.


Gaétan Jacquet’s Ode to the Amazing Clematis From Marginpar


Up to the celestial vault,

It forms a Milky Way of small points, as if Mother Nature wanted to offer our eyes her most beautiful jewel, her most beautiful diamond river.

The greatest jewelers have not been able to interpret this beauty, both rebellious and supple.

They have their place in the most prestigious showcases of Place Vendôme.

The adornments and slate roofs are but pale copies of these stars.


Gaétan Jacquet’s Ode to the Amazing Clematis From Marginpar


One alone and our creation is transcended.

A myriad and our universe is upheaved.

The Subtle Nuances of These Clematis Flowers

The nuances of colors surpass everything humanity is capable of imagining.

A breath, an energy emanates from the subtle nuances of these clematis.

All the nuances of an angry sky are expressed in this range of starry flowers.


Gaétan Jacquet’s Ode to the Amazing Clematis From Marginpar


A bouquet of clematis is a snapshot of a furious summer sky. If the metaphor doesn’t please you, wait until the sky clears and it offers you the starry canvas behind it.

The sparkling vault will convince you that this flower has something celestial.

It was a mirage for a long time, but the Marginpar producers found their way through the desert to offer us an oasis of beauty. Perhaps they were guided by a star brighter than the others.


Gaétan Jacquet’s Ode to the Amazing Clematis From Marginpar


A path that led them to this river of gems that transformed the world of flowers. So much so that this delicate star conquered the hearts of florists worldwide.

All stars shine differently and are noticed differently, depending on the occasion.

Delicate, supple, but resilient, they travel through our memories and our gazes.

A Timeless Beauty

With a voluble character, they withstand the ravages of time.


Gaétan Jacquet’s Ode to the Amazing Clematis From Marginpar


There are no jewels without little hands, and here again, a myriad of expert and delicate hands are busy behind each of these little gems.

Long is the delicate cultivation, and timeless is their beauty.

I witnessed a silent and moving revolution,

Where delicate stars filled a void I wasn’t even aware of.


Gaétan Jacquet’s Ode to the Amazing Clematis From Marginpar


The stars invaded my eyes and colonized my heart.

I have become a summer sky.

Photos and floral design by Gaétan Jacquet, Clematis flowers from Marginpar.

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