Alstroemeria Bubblicious Adds a Lively Flair to Designs

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Tesselaar Alstroemeria, the renowned grower specializing in the cultivation of exceptional alstroemeria flowers, presents a true gem in its collection; one with unique qualities that are sure to make this flower a true sensation. The family business with years of experience and a continuous focus on stable quality is known to leave nothing to chance when delivering exceptionally beautiful flowers, and its Alstroemeria Bubblicious is no exception.

Quite like the famous Bubblicious chewing gum, this exquisite variety is so versatile and mesmerizes with its unmatched beauty and perfect qualities. These make it a definite favorite of many floral designers and enthusiasts. With its vibrant pink color and unique characteristics, Alstroemeria Bubblicious is, certainly, a remarkable inclusion in any floral arrangement.

The Mesmerizing Beauty of Alstroemeria Bubblicious

A prominent name in the flower industry, the MPS-Certified Tesselaar Alstroemeria is known for its fervor and passion for producing high-quality and distinctive flowers. The grower has made significant headway in recent years in regard to its sustainable growing approach, making it one of the most sustainable such farms in the Netherlands and a great example to emulate globally


Alstroemeria Bubblicious, a bright pink beauty of flower from Tesselaar Alstroemeria.


This grower focuses on modern cultivation techniques and sustainable practices, to ensure that its flowers are nurtured to perfection. Plus, Tesselaar Alstroemeria’s expertise in delivering among the best alstroemerias has continued to fuel its commitment to the creation of remarkable and outstanding varieties that ooze quality and luxury, including the stunning Alstroemeria Bubblicious.

This variety of bright pink alstroemerias boasts an undeniable charm that sets it apart from its peers. It has a delicate and graceful appearance characterized by elongated petals that gently unfold to reveal an attractive arrangement of colors and patterns. The petals showcase an enthralling blend of bright pinks, flushed with hints of deeper shades


​ Alstroemeria Bubblicious - A Versatile Bright Pink Beaut​iful ​Alstro


In addition to these qualities, another quality that makes Alstroemeria Bubblicious a truly special flower is its exceptional longevity. The flower has a remarkable vase life. This special quality allows it to retain its beauty and freshness for an extended period.

It is a quality that makes the flower an ideal choice for floral designs, ensuring that arrangements maintain their elegant appeal over longer durations of time.


​Alstroemeria Bubblicious - A Versatile Bright Pink Beaut​iful ​Alstro


Alstroemeria Bubblicious, a Floral Design Delight

Without a doubt, floral designers appreciate the versatility of Alstroemeria Bubblicious, as it effortlessly blends into, and complements various styles of designs and arrangements. It could be used in romantic bouquets, elegant centerpieces, or modern floral installations, where it adds a touch of stylishness and charm to these designs.

The gorgeous bright pink color of Alstroemeria Bubblicious, likewise, allows it to seamlessly blend with other flowers and foliage, creating striking combinations in the floral designs. Whether paired with soft pastel blooms for a quixotic arrangement or mixed with equally vibrant hues for a much bolder statement, it adds depth and visual interest to the compositions.


​​Alstroemeria Bubblicious - A Versatile Bright Pink Beaut​iful ​Alstro


In these floral arrangements, the flower’s somewhat elongated stems and abundant blooms make it a unique fit, the more the reason it is a popular flower choice for adding a visually striking look to the arrangements. In this context, it is the bright pink color of the Alstroemeria Bubblicious that makes it undeniably irresistible!

The vibrant hue of Alstroemeria Bubblicious could, similarly, serve as a focal point in floral designs, while also harmonizing beautifully with other flowers that have been used therein. This is the kind of versatility that allows designers to create fascinating and pleasant compositions that bring out a sense of delight.


​​Alstroemeria Bubblicious - A Versatile Bright Pink Beaut​iful ​Astro


The flower, furthermore, exudes a sense of cheeky playfulness, and femininity; qualities that make it an excellent choice for expressing a range of emotions and sentiments. Essentially, Alstroemeria Bubblicious is resourceful enough to be used in various occasions and events with the lively pink color adding the required qualities in the designs used in different celebrations like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special moments.

What’s more, in line with Tesselaar Alstroemeria’s mission to make people happy with its revolutionary alstroemeria flowers, Alstroemeria Bubblicious is sustainably produced, with lower greenhouse emissions and temperature, fewer light hours, and almost complete use of biological control. 


​​Alstroemeria Bubblicious - A Versatile Bright Pink Beaut​iful ​Astro


These are all factors that guarantee that the bright pink Alstroemeria Bubblicious flower puts a smile on the faces of its recipients. And all this while, the grower remains dedicated to delivering this smile every day!

All Photos courtesy of Tesselaar Alstroemeria

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