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Hydrangea World, a consortium of all Dutch Hydrangea growers is an organization to stimulate and enhance the use of Hydrangea flowers in everyday floral needs. Through its marketing agency, Concept Factory, Hydrangea World is now on myThursd.

Hydrangea is undoubtedly a great bargain for any florist looking to create a stunning commercial bouquet with fewer flowers. Its dome-like shape and gracious presence, beauty, and abundance are some of the intriguing traits of Hydrangeas. Through a project on myThursd titled ‘Create design commercial Hydrangea bouquet,’ you have a chance to shine with this amazing flower.

Horticultural Marketing With Concept Factory

From strategy, brand, and product development, to marketing campaigns, and execution, Concept Factory delivers impeccable marketing for horticultural products. To bolster product awareness and demand, the marketing agency seeks a talented florist’s services to execute its Hydrangeas marketing strategy.



Bringing its campaigns to myThursd for the first time, its local and international strategy is set to come to life with this project. In a nutshell, Concept Factory contributes to the collective campaign of flowers and plant consumption, through its intentional content creation and targeted marketing strategies.

Design Commercial Hydrangea Bouquets

For this project, you can contribute towards the promotion and enhancing the demand for Hydrangeas globally! Through your creative prowess, you have the power to influence a culture. Concept Factory invites you as a creative on myThursd on a creativity journey with this unique yet interesting project.


Hydrangea World


The Hydrangea is a flower that allows florists to break from normality, thanks to its impressive form and volume. For professional florists, it offers great bang for the buck with opportunities to create something special using just a few stems. Designing commercial Hydrangea bouquets is more than a project, it is a contribution to the culture, to alter the norms and boost the consumption and use of Hydrangeas in everyday floral needs. Interested to learn more about this project? Visit myThursd to review and pitch on it!


Bride with hydrangeas for Hydrangea World wedding campaign
Photo by @hydrangea_world


If you are a floral designer or influencer from either Switzerland or Germany, this project is a good fit for you! Join myThursd today and kickstart your journey to collaborate with advertisers within myThursd. Your contributions will infuse positivity into the world of flowers and stimulate positive perceptions about flowers in general.

Welcome to myThursd, your floral meet-up spot!


All pictures courtesy of @Hydrangea World.

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