Alex Mason and Her Floral Art as a Means to Cope With Anxiety

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Australian artist Alex enthralls with her full-of-life, boldly colored, and textural floral paintings that draw inspiration from her home environment. Her distinctive style, which combines thickening agents with acrylic to create a sculptural effect, is a reflection of her transition from radio to accepting art as a joyful and restorative endeavor, while also using art as a form of coping with her anxiety (in previous years).

Meet Alex Mason Behind the Floral Art By Alex Mason

Starting in the radio world in Brisbane, Queensland, Alex Mason turned to art during a transitional period back in their hometown, Inverell NSW. It was not just a hobby but a therapeutic outlet for her anxiety, as she was able to fully relax her mind while she painted and created emblematic pieces which in the future, she would start selling.

She feels that art has the ability to heal and bring about change and that it plays a part in healing her anxiety. Embracing this newfound passion, Alex launched her art career full-time in March 2023, finding both joy and success in her artistic endeavors.


Alex Mason, the artist behind this amazing floral art


Alex Mason working on her art

Alex working on her art


Nature, especially her mother’s property, whose garden includes a variety of native plants, has a strong influence on her work. Specifically, Alex likes to experiment with the interesting textures that Australian natives have to offer. Her artistic practice, which involves applying acrylic mixed with a thickener with pallet knives or piping to create sculpture-like pieces, was also influenced by her mother. a method her mother employed in the 1990s to create her artwork.


Different floral prints by Alex Mason


A Floral Art Style Worth Checking Out

Mason’s art is characterized by textured florals, deeply inspired by the Australian flora, especially her mother’s native garden as mentioned previously. What you will definitely observe in each of her artistic pieces is the use of bright, bold colors. She believes that because flowers are already so beautiful per se, giving them color expresses a more vivid outcome of life and the importance of having flowers surrounding us to bring more joy.


Floral painting adorning a bedroom


She has the power to paint flowers on anything you hand her, including surfboards. How cool would it be to go surfing one day and have the presence of a colorful bunch of flowers on your board? You would be the center of attention (in a good way, of course), and you would be uniting nature even more. Flowers and the sea combine perfectly.


Surfboard with floral art


Closeup of floral art in surfboard by Alex Mason


Reactions to her work have been overwhelmingly positive, with businesses, internet audiences, and art collectors praising it. Their cooperation and support have been incredibly inspiring and heartfelt for Alex and she only hopes her floral art business will grow. Just picture one of her art pieces in your bedroom, enlivening it while adding a statement piece you never knew your bedroom needed. Or what about gifting your best friend or favorite person a floral art print to brighten up their mood and lives?


Daydreamer print by Alex Mason

‘Daydreamer’ print by Alex Mason


Additionally, Alex offers a quick introductory guide to textured art and how you can kickstart your hobby. On the other hand, she also offers a course ‘Perfect Petals’, which will teach you everything you need to know about creating the perfect petal. This includes info on affordable tools and materials (A shopping list!). My secret texture paste (which is super affordable). If you want to take a closer look at Alex’s prints and get yourself one, you’re welcome to visit Alex Mason’s website for all the details. Ready for some flower art and fun?


Photos by @artbyalexmason.

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