Agriculture 4.0 also for irrigation in protected crops

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Idroterm 4.0, a family of innovative 4.0 products developed by Idroterm Serre, is a new opportunity to renew greenhouse irrigation systems and optimize water management thanks to machinery for precision agriculture.

“We have developed web-based machinery, through which users connect to the machines both via company LAN and via wi-fi using their smartphones or any other device to remotely manage programs, recipes, irrigation and fertigation times as well as advanced functions for the most demanding clients.

Idrojet irrigation beam
Motorized irrigation beams with a dual-track sliding system that guarantees stable and precise movements. The beams enable irrigation with nozzles, flood irrigation, spraying, and treatments with special nozzles and high-pressure kits.

For a more efficient and automated production, it is possible to plan daily and weekly irrigation, which can be modulated as continuous, sectoral or flux/reflux.

The management of irrigation areas is one of the most advanced on the market. Idrojet beams can work in combination with fertigation mixers and Idroclima computers.

Idro-x fertigation mixers
A modular and expandable fertilization mixer that can help manage up to 10 stock solutions and control the pH, EC, sanitizing injectors, or microelements. The new system makes it possible to create an infinite number of programs and recipes, in addition to providing correct nutritional substance values necessary for the growth of plants. It helps avoid wasting fertilizers and thus affecting aquifers.

Thanks to pH and EC probes, the mixer can check drained solutions and correct values. In addition, optional systems such as EC and pH control for additional safety are also available, as well as soil humidity probes to monitor irrigation needs in real-time. The machine is equipped with a flowmeter to measure capacities. The menu features a log, and the cloud service makes it possible to save a backup: these functions help users make assessments and choose fertilizers throughout the various growing phases.”

Idroclima computer
To improve the climate-environmental performances of agricultural businesses, Idroterm has also introduced a system of 4.0 smart computers to monitor parameters in greenhouses and manage windows, side openings, shading systems, heating systems, LED lights, forced ventilation, and cooling systems both automatically and manually. Idroclima features a weather station and high-quality temperature and humidity probes that transmit information to users in real time, even when they do not find themselves in the proximity of the system.

Improvements for cultivation
“Thanks to the new web-based system, growers can connect to machines via smartphone or via another device even when they do not find themselves in proximity to the machine.”

It can manage recipes, times and irrigation programs remotely. The entire process can be monitored and managed by the new IdroFARM web-based platform. All connected devices can be accessed via a single portal with the Idrohub mini server and it is possible to receive alarms and notifications via phone or sms.

Thanks to the service, the Idroterm technical staff can connect to the machines at all times for diagnoses, assistance, or updates, thus heavily reducing the time and costs of technical assistance.

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