A Winning Mahjong Party

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Mahjong is having a moment. Grounded in tradition, the game has historically been associated with older generations. However, thanks to its inherent social nature that encourages community, often over food and drinks, Mahjong is becoming the “it” game for all ages. As a self-proclaimed Southern entertaining enthusiast, I found it to be the perfect catalyst for throwing a great party.

When I received my first set of custom kelly green Mahjong tiles, courtesy of The Mahjong Line, I immediately called upon dear friend and fellow entertaining expert Katie Jacobs to help me host an afternoon of food and festivities centered around the chic pastime. Katie and I have both made careers out of entertaining and styling tables—and we’ve teamed up to plan many events. Since Katie is a wizard in the kitchen, a skill that eludes me, she’s always willing to handle the menu. As far as I’m concerned, a complimentary co-host with a similar aesthetic is a most valuable asset.

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