A small tape can protect greenhouse film and extend the lifespan

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“Greenhouse film is the most important part of greenhouse cultivation. However, it’s soft and flimsy and easy to be damaged by a tough steel frame, especially the parts in contact with the steel tube, spring sock wire, and channel bundle. If there is heavy wind, the greenhouse film will sway and rub more where it contacts the frame. With tapes, it can extend the lifespan of greenhouse film,” says Jasen, manager of Hebei Naltsen Trading Company.

Quick-release tape, also called greenhouse film protection tape, is made of high-strength but soft plastic with a green/blue/white color. “It’s an ideal medium to protect the film at two ends of the commercial polytunnel. Sharp edges at the surface of the polytunnel steel tube are therefore covered over, protecting polytunnel film against injury and preventing high temperature burns damage from greenhouse steel tube.”, Jasen shows. “This protection tape has a certain thickness and elasticity, which not only allows the omega tension clip to hold the film closer but also absorbs the direct grip strength from the clip so that the film will not be scratched.”

When the greenhouse film is directly exposed to sunlight, the point where the polytunnel film connects with the greenhouse steel tube will be high temperature. “Up to 80 degrees Celsius, so this greenhouse film in these parts will age and break easily in bad weather. So, a cushion tape between the steel tube and the film is necessary. Meanwhile, shade netting can accelerate the aging of greenhouse film if shade netting covers the greenhouse film, so we can not put shade netting on greenhouse film directly.”

Sometimes, growers need to pull off the greenhouse film quickly. “However, the soft film is gripped by omega clips, so it is easy to get destroyed if pulled off the film directly. While farmers can pull off the high-strength protection tape directly, when omega clips fly away, greenhouse film will slide away from the steel tube without damaging it. The tape is made of polyester fabric and is strong enough to hold the griping strength of Omega clips. The tape also helps to extend the lifespan of greenhouse film.”

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