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As a floral designer, I’m constantly seeking new ways to push the confines of traditional floral arrangements and create pieces that go beyond the ordinary. Recently, I had an opportunity to work with the stunning lilies from Bredefleur, and the result was a masterful arrangement that brought out the true beauty of these exquisite blooms.

As previously indicated, my latest creation was for the Bredefleur BFF series, which had me working with exquisite lilies from Bredefleur. These were Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi, which are both unique in their own ways. They have the kind of charm that – despite being beauties themselves – brings out an elegance in the overall design in which they are used.

The Concept and Inspiration and the Rule of 3/5/8

For this arrangement, I wanted to emphasize the natural beauty and elegance of the Bredefleur lilies. These flowers are renowned for their vibrant colors and graceful forms, making them ideal focal points in any floral design. The core of this piece lies in the pleasant interplay of colors, textures, and shapes, all thoughtfully put together according to the golden rule of 3/5/8.


Bredefleur’s Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi, and other floral elements in the design


This rule defines a fundamental principle in floral design that ensures balance and visual appeal. It divides the arrangement into these proportions, such that the piece maintains a pleasing symmetry and natural flow. This mathematical guideline helps create a sense of consistency and harmony, which is crucial when working with such striking flowers as the Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi. It not only lends a sense of balance and structure to the piece but also challenges the designer to think creatively within the rule’s constraints.

Since it is a tried and true floral design technique that combines elements in a harmonious ratio, I decided to take it as the foundation of my design. 


My Bredefleur BFF Design With Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi


Bredefleur Lilies: The Stars of the Show

Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi are the true stars of this arrangement. Their vibrant colors and exquisite forms draw the eye and create a focal point that mesmerizes the viewer. 

In the design, Lily Tirreno, renowned for its exquisite beauty and delicate fragrance, with its single, pink-medium blue petals and obliquely erect inflorescence, and Lily Brindisi, a fragrant soft-pink lily with a light green heart that contrasts with the delightful pink petals making it unique, work together to create the spectacular visual harmony. 


My Bredefleur BFF Design With Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi


Positioning them strategically within the 3/5/8 framework, I was able to highlight their beauty while still maintaining a balanced composition.

The Design: Playing with Shapes and Textures to Create a Twist on a Classic

Creating a unique and captivating floral arrangement involves more than just placing flowers together. It’s about experimenting with different shapes, textures, and complementary elements. While lilies are often associated with traditional and classic arrangements, I wanted to put a modern twist on this timeless flower. 

So, I chose to comprehensively highlight the Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi, which are indeed among Bredefleur’s stunning varieties. These varieties have elegant, trumpet-shaped blooms and vibrant hues, which create the focal point of the design. To create a cohesive and visually striking piece, I carefully arranged the lilies in a way that adhered to the ‘good rule’, ensuring that the composition looked both intentional and effortless.


My Bredefleur BFF Design With Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi


To bring some depth and dimension to the arrangement, I incorporated dried willow branches, which provided a conspicuous contrast to the soft, lush petals of the lilies. The graceful curves and natural texture of the willow branches provided a beautiful contrast to the soft, delicate petals of the lilies. The linear elements of the willow branches, also, helped to guide the eye through the piece.

One of the key considerations in creating this arrangement was ensuring the longevity and health of the flowers, and to achieve this, I constructed the piece using floral foam, which allowed me to keep the stems moist and the blooms fresh for an extended period. 


My Bredefleur BFF Design With Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi


Throughout the design process, I experimented with various shapes and types of flowers, exploring how they could be integrated into the overall composition. This approach allowed me to push the boundaries of traditional lily arrangements and create something truly unique and visually engaging.

An Arrangement That Pays Homage to the Beauty of Bredefleur’s Lilies

The end result of this interesting design process was a gorgeous arrangement that pays homage to the beauty of Bredefleur’s lilies, while also showcasing my creative vision. It is a floral piece that demonstrates the power of floral design to conjure emotion and stir the senses. I was, also, able to create a piece that feels both contemporary and sophisticated. It is always exciting to take a familiar element and present it in a new and unexpected way.


My Bredefleur BFF Design With Lily Tirreno and Lily Brindisi


Thank you for joining me on this floral journey, and hopefully, this arrangement inspires you to explore the numerous possibilities of floral design and to see the beauty that comes with combining classic elements with modern techniques.

Photos courtesy of Oliver Luyckx

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