A Fascinating and Enriching Experience Attending My Second Congress of Floriculture

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I had the opportunity to attend the Second Floriculture Congress organized by Asocolflores held in Cartagena once again, and I must say the experience was extraordinary. This event not only brought together some of the most prominent panelists in the industry but also offered a platform for exchanging, innovative, and relevant ideas. In this blog, I want to share my impressions and highlight the most significant aspects of this congress as well as some intimate talks with a few influential people I ran across while also reminding everyone about the importance of creating events that impulse the sector in the Latin American region.

A Top-Tier Congress by Asocolflores

One of the standout features of the congress was undoubtedly the quality of the invited speakers. Having world-renowned experts provided invaluable insights during the discussions and presentations and from what I was able to experience, visitors and attendees were completely fascinated by what they were listening to and learning. The panelists addressed highly relevant and novel topics, which will certainly be useful for the floriculture sector to implement new practices and technologies. I was able to involve myself personally in a lot of these discussions and here I share some of the most important topics that were discussed in Cartagena during my second visit to the Congress of Floriculture.


Genoveva Pombo of Asocolflores (right) and Cristina Uricoechea of Asocolflores (left)


An Essential Event to Attend to Learn More About the Floriculture Industry

Throughout the two days of the congress (held on May 23 and 24 of this year), numerous important topics for the future of floriculture were presented. From advanced cultivation techniques to innovations in sustainability and marketing, participants had the chance to learn about and update themselves on the latest trends and developments in the sector. This knowledge is not only important for improving current practices but also essential for driving the industry toward a more efficient and sustainable future.


Asocolflores Congress of Floriculture


Another aspect that impressed me was the positive attitude and willingness of all the attendees. The joy and enthusiasm for participating were evident in every session, creating a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. This positive energy not only enriched the congress experience but also fostered greater integration and cooperation among industry professionals.


Making connections in Floriculture Congress in Cartagena
From left to right: Jose Antonio Restrepo, President of the Board of Director of Asocolflores, Andres Vernaza, Executive Vice-president of Asocolflores, Ricardo Samper, Next Gen Leader, and David Marin Jaramillo, Director of Deliflor Americas


Two of the conferences that received particularly positive feedback were those by Charlie Hall and Nicolás Uribe. Both presented deep and practical insights that strongly resonated with the attendees. The ideas and strategies shared by these experts will without a doubt influence how many in the industry approach their challenges and opportunities.

I must also mention the wonderful cocktail night, which served as the perfect conclusion to a day filled with valuable knowledge. This social event allowed attendees to relax, enjoy themselves, and get to know each other in a more dynamic setting. The integration created by one of the sponsors, Deliflor, was very significant, strengthening the bonds between colleagues and fostering a sense of community that is fundamental for the growth and development of the sector. This event, organized by Asocolflores is a must-attend in the coming years if you’re looking to network, strengthen your knowledge, and get further education about the sector.


Flower wall for Deliflor


Cocktail of Congress of Floriculture


Not only did I have a blast and learn incredibly valuable information but I was able to interview a group of people that have a very powerful influence in the industry while doing amazing work for the flower world.

Small Talks With Influential People

As my first guest for these small talks or as I would call them ‘small interviews’ to know more about opinions and general information, Sandra Espinel from the Sales area of United Selections was the first to take part in these.

Q: What practical lessons on leadership and business sustainability could you learn from Luis Díaz’s talk?


“For family businesses to maintain leadership and sustainability over time, it is crucial to provide direction and focus to everyone involved in the company’s future. This includes fostering an entrepreneurial spirit so that when new generations take over, they can transform and grow the business. They should listen to the needs and dreams of future generations and guide the company towards the desired future direction.

I would also like to highlight the fact that, according to this study, 28% of business leaders in Colombia are women, compared to 17% globally. This is an important indicator that underscores the growing relevance of women in company management and decision-making.”


Sandra Espinel from United Selections Colombia

Sandra Espinel and myself after meeting up in the Congress


Next was David Marin Jaramillo, Deliflor America’s Director to whom I asked more about his experience during the Congress.

Q: What networking opportunities did you find most useful during the Coffee Break Table Tops and the Next-Gen Networking?


“The cocktail event was wonderful for further strengthening relationships with clients.”

What was your opinion on the discussion about artificial intelligence applied to the floriculture sector?


“It’s incredible how quickly technology has evolved, as well as its practicality and ability to influence the productivity of individuals and companies.”


Congress of Floriculture Deliflor main sponsor
Having a great time during the cocktail meeting with Juan David Lecuona, Commercial Director of Deliflor Americas, David Marin Jaramillo, Director of Deliflor Americas, and Ricardo Londoño, Account Manager of Deliflor Americas.
The event’s biggest sponsor was Deliflor for whom I created this floral wall 


Juan David Cruz from Icon Selections had a great time during the event and he was able to share more of his experience when he listened to the panelists.

Q: What new knowledge did you acquire that you consider most valuable for your work in the floriculture industry? Was there any panelist whose perspective surprised you or made you reconsider any aspect of your business?

Juan David:

“The topic of trust as a driver of productivity and, consequently, competitiveness, presented by Ana Fernanda Maiguashca, provides invaluable guidance on how to focus our business and what we should concentrate on to ensure the national floriculture industry remains sustainable over time.

The panel of artificial intelligence and data analysis presented by Nicolás Uribe was extremely interesting. I believe that with proper training in this area, this tool will allow us to correlate a large amount of information for better decision-making.”


Juan David Cruz from Icon Selections

Getting the opportunity to network and talk to Juan David Cruz from Icon Selections


Last but not least, I had the chance to talk to María Fernanda Ocampo, Manager of NFC Flowers.

Q: What topics would you like to see explored in greater depth at the next Floriculture Congress?


“I would like to learn more in-depth about production technologies, social and environmental impact issues, and about the analysis of the competition from other producer countries.”

Q: What practical lessons on leadership and business sustainability did you learn from Luis Díaz’s talk?


“From Luis Díaz’s talk, we learned that family businesses are the backbone of the global economy. For their legacy to endure over time, it is essential to prepare the new generations by involving them in leadership and decision-making, with clear family and business goals.”


Maria Fernanda Ocampo from NFC Flowers

Maria Fernanda Ocampo from NFC Flowers


And with this, I wrapped another very successful year attending the Congress of Floriculture and I cannot wait to see what next year will bring along with all the educational value these types of events provide, especially for the Latin American region.

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