4More Technology to showcase IRISS Hydrangea sorting machines at Greentech Amsterdam

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June 11-13 4MT will be present at Greentech at RAI Amsterdam. At booth 03.416 they will present their IRISS Hydrangea sorting machines. With these machines it’s possible to precisely sort cutting hydrangeas by color, stem length and size of the head. The IRISS Hydrangea sorting machine will cut the stems to size, after which the flower is sent to a designated outlet. The user can preset sorting programs by their own parameters. Because of this, not only can uniform bunches be made, but it is also possible to adjust these sorting programs to the wishes of the customer. For instance: if they want only purple flowers from a pink/purple variety, or if all stems need to be cut to 50 cm’s, this is no problem for IRISS.

4MT also likes to collaborate with their customers in finding solutions for problems that arise in their production or processing process. Do you have our next challenge for us? Let us know!

Register before the 8th of June via https://register.visitcloud.com/survey/1yfa25qbm8z7l?actioncode=NTWO001191QLO&partner-contact=0420y0w1ifru7

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