2024 Chengdu Horticulture Expo: Flowers are shown with impressive design

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The International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 Chengdu has been held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, in China. The exhibition started on April 26th, and will last for 186 days until October 28th. The expo consists of one main venue and four sub-venues. On June 1st, the media representatives from AIPH countries visited the expo.

Chengdu is a nationally important flower production and consumption area, the flower planting area covers more than 1.13 million acres, and is valued at 12 billion RMB. The expo is an opportunity to strengthen Chengdu’s branding in the floriculture industry.

At the main venue, there are more than 100 outdoor gardens with various design elements. In the international area, we can among others see gardens from France, Italy, the US, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, Egypt, and Sudan. In the domestic area, Beijing Garden, Shanghai Garden, Kunming Garden, and Nanjing Gardens present different city gardens that are designed with city flowers and local elements.

There are also some companies with outdoor booths. For example, Syngenta shows their new sunflowers and antirrhinum, together with some Dutch elements such as windmills and clogs. Meilland from France showcases their roses, and Danziger from Israel presents Petunia. With an area of 1,058 square meters, Sakata shows the latest flower innovations.

Online selling is quite popular in China, consumers, especially young people, prefer to buy products online. This is also the case in the floral industry. At Spring Garden, we can see two young people trying to sell hydrangea online. The colors, stem length, growing area, variety, and all information are shared online very clearly. Sometimes, an influencer promotes a product or a brand.

Except for flowers, Chengdu is also famous for its bonsai culture. Trees are designed with special types.

At the other four venues, people can see blueberry farms, bamboo, and even some agricultural equipment for outdoor production.

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